You’re stuck on an island with one app — what is it? [Roundtable]

You’re stuck on an island with one app — what is it? [Roundtable]

What’s the one app you can’t live without?

You wipe the sand off your eyelids and slowly open your tired eyes. Your lips are parched and cracked. How long have I been out? You look around and see only the blue of the rolling ocean and the yellow, dirty sand. What’s the last thing I remember? A boat. A crash. And nothing.

You look down and in your hand is a phone. A waterproof phone. You press the power button and, miraculously, it turns on! What’s my password again? You rifle through your confused state for a memory. The password — you have it. You unlock it and there’s only one app on your home screen — but it’s your favorite app! You can’t wait to use it every moment of every day as your body wastes away on this forgotten hellscape somewhere in the Pacific.

So — what is that app?

Daniel Bader

Is it sad that the first app that popped into my head was Newton, my favorite email client? I need to get out more.

Seriously, though, I thought about what my priorities are on this damn thing I call a pocket supercomputer, and if there was only one app I could open (and use, with magical island cellular service) for the rest of my days it would probably be Audible. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but I love listening to audiobooks, and with the vast wealth of human knowledge and burgeoning ideas at my fingertips until the day I die, I could probably stand to walk around aimlessly while chomping on coconuts as I pored through every Master and Commander novel or, the masochist I am, Infinite Jest.

Andrew Martonik

Do I have a data connection? If this is some kind of magical island in the middle of nowhere but…

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