Xiaomi Mi 6 review: definitely worth importing – Hardware reviews

Xiaomi Mi 6 review: definitely worth importing – Hardware reviews

The imported Xiaomi Mi 6 turns out to be a virtual no-brainer when it comes to recommending it for purchase and, at the same time, it’s a good bargain. It’s one of the first devices to have Snapdragon 835 – but that’s not the only reason why it’s such an unbelievably powerful device. In this review, we’ll show you some of the cool things this Xiaomi has done with this phone.


  • Powerful performance
  • Good rear camera
  • Fair price
  • Dual-SIM


  • Limited 4G support (no Band 20)
  • Poor selfies
  • Software modification is cumbersome
  • No MicroSD slot
  • Headphone port per adapter (included with the product)

Lowest price: Xiaomi Mi 6

Best price

Xiaomi Mi 6 release date and price

Depending on the configuration, the imported Xiaomi Mi 6 models cost around $515 at Trading Shenzhen. Add to that $20 for shipping and the merchandise processing fee (MPF), which is up to $9. The Xiaomi Mi 6 model with a ceramic back, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage has a gross price of $567. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S8 with 64 GB of internal storage and 4 GB RAM has a gross price of $655 (original list price $900).

Xiaomi Mi 6 design and build quality

Like many other modern flagships, the Xiaomi Mi 6 has a glass front and back, although it is not the tough Gorilla Glass. However, the Mi 6 does make quite a…

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