What to do with your old Android phone before selling it: 5 essential steps

What to do with your old Android phone before selling it: 5 essential steps

If you want to give away or sell your old smartphone or tablet, there are some important things that you do first, so that you don’t accidentally pass on your personal information to someone else. We’ll explain how to clean up your device so it’s good as new before it changes hands, and also suggest some places to donate or sell your device if you do decide to sell an old Android phone.

No matter who your old phone or tablet goes to, you should always wipe it (inside and out) before you give it to them. The main reason for this is to protect your privacy, but it will also make it easier for them to set it up anew. There are several important things to do when removing your data from your old Android phone, which are detailed below.  

1. Take out the SIM card

The first thing to do when preparing an old phone for a new home is to get your SIM card out. Even if you’re getting a new SIM card with your new phone, your old SIM card has lots of your contacts saved on it, so you don’t want to go leaving it in an old phone.

You might need a SIM ejection tool to remove the SD card tray, but if you don’t have one, never fear, because we’ve already shown you how to open the SIM tray without a tool.

Take out the SIM card first. / © AndroidPIT

2. Unmount/remove the memory card

If you have a phone with a microSD card slot, then remove the SD card. Just look for the slot on the edge of your phone or behind the battery cover.

Before you remove the card, copy as many photos, apps and documents as possible to it, so you can take them with you to your new phone…

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