What are you looking forward to with Android O? [Roundtable]

What are you looking forward to with Android O? [Roundtable]

Changes big and small are coming to Android and these are our favorites.

Android O will soon be here, though it will take a while for most of us to see it.

With it comes more of the tweaks under the hood with each release: changes to make batteries last longer, apps run better, and to keep our information safer. But there is also a lot of other cool stuff there! Things that sound small but will make a big difference like better ways to manage fonts and emojis, as well as bigger changes like new ways to show notifications.

Everyone has a favorite feature from the list of changes, and that’s what we’re going around the table with this week. See what we’re most looking forward to when Android O arrives.

Jerry Hildenbrand

I have two things, but they kind of go together so it’s not cheating. The new window controls like picture-in-picture combined with new ways to use the keyboard mean developers can build apps that work even better on Chromebooks.

It’s great that Android works on Chrome OS. But it would be even greater-er if a few changes in the way you can position multiple apps on the big screen were to happen, and we had some dedicated keyboard shortcuts to flip through them or bring one into focus. To do that, we needed both of these changes.

Of course, it’s going to depend on more than just the changes being in the code. Developers will have to do their part and Google will need to integrate everything in a way that doesn’t break everything else. I’m looking forward to it, and think both parties will step up to the plate.

Alex Dobie

Android O Picture in Picture

We’ve had windowed mode for a while on Android — going back to 2014…

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