Upgrade Your Notebook the Smartest Way

Upgrade Your Notebook the Smartest Way

Don’t enjoy working on your old MacBook Pro that seems to have drastically lost both the charm and speed? You can easily upgrade your notebook to make it run faster. I’m not suggesting you go for a new MBP. Instead, explore some of these best internal SSDs for MacBook Pro and handpick the most suitable one for your specific needs.

We have already made a list of the best external SSDs for MBP. And, it’s time to take a look at some of the top internal solid state drives. As compared to the former, the latter is more optimized to get the most out of your laptop. So, what are you waiting for mate?

Best Internal SSDs for MacBook Pro

#1. Crucial MX300

Crucial MX300 525GB Interal MacBook SSD

When it comes offering trusted performance, Crucial MX300 is at par with the best in the business. It’s said to be 90x more energy efficient than an ordinary hard drive. The high-quality Micron 3D NAND technology ensures the internal SSD can retain its top functionality for long.

While the sequential reads/write speed is up to 530/510 MB/s, the random read/write speed is up to 92K/83Kon on all file types. Thanks to the brilliant write acceleration, it can offer faster file transfer and saves.

With the AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, it keeps your data protected. This top quality SSD is available in four storage capacities such as 275GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

USP: Highly efficient
Price: $159.97 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#2. WD Blue

WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD for MacBook

I find WD Blue a safe bet from all angles. Whether it’s the ability to let you significantly optimize the performance of your laptop or providing a consistent output, it stands up to the expectation. The other important…

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