Tips and tricks for comparing wireless plans and finding the perfect plan

Tips and tricks for comparing wireless plans and finding the perfect plan

Here’s how to make sure you have the right service plan for your phone, at the right price.

We all want phone service that works just right each and every time we need it. And of course, we don’t want to overpay for it, either. That’s a tough find, but you can get close and find a plan that’s good for you with a little legwork. Don’t worry, it’s easy legwork!

The perfect plan

The perfect phone plan may be a unicorn and something that most of us will never see, but in this case, close enough is probably fine. Ideally, we want a plan that lets us buy what we need at a good price, then refunds us for what we didn’t use at the end of the billing cycle. And it has to give us great service everywhere we go.


A plan like this almost exists (we can’t vouch for the good service everywhere part) with Google’s Project Fi. It’s not exactly cheap, but you do get refunded for any data you paid for and don’t use in a month. It’s unfortunate that you have to have a Nexus (6 or higher) or Pixel to use it, as this makes it a non-starter for most people.

For everyone else, you need to do a few things before you start shopping around for service to make sure you get something that suits you well and comes in at a price you like.

What you need to do

The most important thing is to get service that works where you are. Not just where you are most of the time, but where you are regularly. If you commute or spend weekends away or whatever, make sure the service you buy gives you a good signal. Plenty of us here at Mobile Nations travel a good bit, so trust us when we say nothing is as frustrating as not having…

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