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The Weekly | Pocket

Each weekend we’ll be rounding up a selection of the most interesting articles related to mobile and the games industry at large.

This week includes a talk revealing how Supercell balances Clash Royale‘s gameplay, the legal barriers holding back eSports in Japan, a list of XR studios that have made more than $1 million, and Michael Abrash on the future of human interaction.

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Quest for the healthy metagame: Balancing cards in Clash Royale

“I really think that if you have monetisation as a goal for balancing, I think that’s really hurtful for the gameplay, both in the short, and especially in the long run. Obviously there are places where we think about monetisation, but balancing is absolutely not one of those places.”

Legal barrier hobbles esports in game-crazy Japan

“The prize money in Japan is pocket change by comparison. That is because of the act against unjustifiable premiums and misleading representations, which puts a 100,000 yen ($895) cap on cash prizes for events deemed to be aimed at selling a specific product.”

Million dollar babies: The XR studios that are smashing it!

“We thought it was time to recognise the progress made by the VR industry in its infancy and put together a list of the VR, AR and MR developers and publishers that have broken the million-dollar barrier.”

Unite Europe 2017 – How Futureplay’s F2P mobile games soared

“In this fireside chat with Futureplay (FarmAway!, BuildAway!), hear what the founding game industry vets did right and how they did…

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