The Weekly: Hitman GO postmortem, mobile publishing relationships, and AR for th | Pocket

The Weekly: Hitman GO postmortem, mobile publishing relationships, and AR for th | Pocket

Each weekend we’ll be rounding up a selection of the most interesting articles related to mobile and the games industry at large.

This week includes a discussion on the good and bad sides of mobile game publishing partnerships, a postmortem on Hitman GO and how ARKit could bring AR to the masses.

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Mobile publishing – The good, the bad and the ugly

“While both publisher and developer are after the same goal, which is launching a financially successful game, the relationship can go south in more than few ways. In this podcast, we discuss the common pitfalls as well as ways to make the relationship between the two parties flourish.”

The Hitman GO design postmortem

“In this 2015 GDC postmortem, Square Enix Montreal’s Daniel Lutz delivers a design postmortem on the wildly unexpected game concept of Hitman GO, an award-winning, extremely minimalistic turn-based strategy game with beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces.”

How Apple could bring augmented reality to the masses with ARKit and iOS 11

“Apple, in usual fashion, has taken time to get AR right, instead of being first. The first wave of results suggests it’s a step beyond Google Tango and other peers. The next step will be putting advanced AR-friendly hardware into the hands of a broad range of users, and that looks set to happen when the next iPhone is announced.”

CBS’s Candy Crush show misunderstands why people love video games

“The value CBS is most suited to provide is completely absent on Candy Crush. If people want…

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