The Walking Dead March To War | Pocket

The Walking Dead March To War | Pocket

“First off, we’re all huge The Walking Dead fans,” states Disruptor Beam’s creative director Joey Lapegna when asked why the Boston developer is adding to the games already set in that zombie apocalypse world.

Finnish outfit Next Games’ operates The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, which is the official game of the AMC TV series, and has just announced AR experiment The Walking Dead: Our World, while US dev Scopely’s The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is based on Robert Kirkman’s original comic book.

The Walking Dead: March To War is also based on Kirkman’s IP, but is genre-differentiated from the turn-based strategy of No Man’s Land and the autoplay RPG character collection of Road To Survival.

Combining the sort of base-building seen in 4X games such as Game of War with the strong focus on narrative that unpins all of Disruptor Beam’s games, it’s also the only one of these titles designed for phone use in portrait, not landscape, mode.

That may not seem like much but it makes March To War feel more accessible, which is important given its short sessions and heavily time-based metaplay.

Telling tales

Despite this, it’s the opportunities for character-based narrative that’s inspired Lapegna and his team in this and the company’s other titles.

As he explains: “We’re interested in worlds and the stories we can tell in them.”

Set in Washington D.C., March To War features some real world landmarks

Disruptor Beam’s other titles are Game of Thrones Ascent (based on the novels) and Star Trek Timelines.

Neither have been smash hits – Games of Thrones Ascent peaked at 49th on the US App Store…

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