the SMS-based virtual assistant that makes the case for AI – Human partnership

the SMS-based virtual assistant that makes the case for AI – Human partnership

AI technology is blooming, largely thanks to the increase in computing power that’s also widely available to the masses. The average smartphone today is powerful enough to run reasonably complicated AI and machine learning algorithms that would have taken desktop-level computing power just a few years ago. Established technological powerhouses like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft – as well as budding entrepreneurs – are in on the action, looking to leverage AI to add more value to their products and help improve our quality of life.

Righty is a startup found by two high school students with a clever idea. It’s about a text-based virtual assistant service that relies on both AI and human power to take a significant part of one’s daily communications and scheduling load off. The power of AI is harnessed in such a way that a single human assistant can look after multiple users, and even let the artificial intelligence take over certain queries during non-business hours.

Rather than build an app like everyone else is doing, Righty’s founders opted for a back-to-basics approach. The virtual assistant functionality has been broken down to the essentials, while communication between users, AI, and human operators is established via good old-fashioned texting. This results in a simple and hassle-free system devoid of typical software issues, such as updates, performance, or compatibility. The concept also makes it possible to offer the service at a competitive monthly subscription cost.

You don’t have to be a mogul CEO or an all-out busy person whose schedule and contact books are constantly filled with entries to enjoy…

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