The RPG Reload Play-Along: ‘Bastion’

The RPG Reload Play-Along: ‘Bastion’

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload Play-Along. Each month, we’ll be playing an iOS RPG together, sharing laughs and tears in equal measures. The post on the front page (like this one!) is basically here to announce the game in question and give a few tips on getting started. The real action will be happening in the TouchArcade forums, where you’ll find a thread dedicated to each month’s featured game. Sign up if you haven’t already, post your screenshots, ask for advice, or just chat about your misadventures with others. We’ve got a great community of RPG fans here at TouchArcade, so let’s make the most of it!

August is a busy month for many people, and that is perhaps as good an explanation as any for the somewhat muted reception to the Chrono Trigger Play-Along. We had our lowest turnout for a Play-Along yet, with the thread barely cracking the 50-post mark. Oh well, these things happen! One cool thing is that our very own Eric Ford participated in the Play-Along on Twitch, and he might just finish the game in time for the end of the month. You can do it, Eric! At any rate, it’s high time we moved on to the next game, and since we’ve been doing JRPGs all summer, I thought it might be prudent to mix things up a little this time around. Thanks to everyone for participating in the August Play-Along, and I hope you’ll join in again!

This month, we’re entering the realm of action-RPGs with a Play-Along dedicated to Bastion [$4.99], a stylish effort from Warner Bros. Interactive and Supergiant Games. The game debuted on the Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade service in July of 2011 and made…

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