The Moto Z2 Force’s ‘unbreakable’ screen may be a deal breaker

The Moto Z2 Force’s ‘unbreakable’ screen may be a deal breaker

Motorola is set to launch the Moto Z2 Force in a few weeks on all major US carriers. Those carriers are doing their part to make the launch a success with various promos, but you ought to look upon these deals with skepticism. Our full Moto Z2 Force review will be ready in a few days, but I thought it would be prudent to expand on something I touched on in the hands-on: the ShatterShield display. I’m afraid this screen will be a deal breaker for many people. While it doesn’t crack, there are plenty of other issues with it.

The key to Motorola’s unbreakable displays is that they are composed of plastic instead of glass. This was the case last year with the original Z Force, but the new phone doesn’t seem to use the same materials in the screen. I’ve only had this phone for about a week, but there are already several visible scratches on the display. David has also picked up some deep gouges in his screen.

Now, you would expect a few scratches on a screen made of plastic—it’s more resistant to impact but much softer than glass. However, the plastic Moto used this year is obviously softer than what it employed in 2016. My Moto Z Force review unit has been clunking around in a drawer with other phones for most of the last year, and it’s barely scratched at all. That’s in addition to being actively used for a few weeks last year. After less than a week, the Z2 Force is already more scratched. The scratches aren’t always visible when the screen is on, but when the light hits at the right angle, you’ll see them.

I’m not even sure how most of these scratches happened. The phone has been in my pocket or on my desk the…

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