The 5 best things about the OnePlus 5

The 5 best things about the OnePlus 5

Now that you’ve had a week in the wake of its launch to ruminate on the OnePlus 5, it’s time for us to tell you all the reasons you should think about it. Of course, there’s our review to consider, too, in which the OnePlus 5 even earned our hallowed “Most Wanted” award. But if you’re here for the TL;DR, we’re happy to oblige.

If you are the sort of person that enjoys activities like rooting and ROMing, and the utility gained from them, then the selection of phones that can please you is somewhat limited. Lots of manufacturers like to lock their phones down as tightly as they can, which prevents enthusiasts of that sort from being able to pick up a Galaxy S8 with any expectation of success. And while eventually, most popular devices end up with an exploit, it’s often more trouble than it is worth, and a security issue in itself.

ROMing isn’t just a matter of entertainment, feature-chasing, or a hobby. Often times it’s the only way to keep a device up to date when OEMs abandon them, leaving you with gaping security holes and no expectation for a patch. While OnePlus’ track record on promised updates is questionable, at least with an easily unlocked bootloader, you’ll be able to take matters into your own hands. 

OnePlus phones also have fantastic developer support. The ROM selection is incredibly wide, and if you do run into a problem, it’s much more likely you’ll be able to find documentation by someone else with the same issue. With the ease of unlocking, rooting, and ROMing their phones, OnePlus has deftly dressed itself in the Nexus mantle. So if you are big into ROMs, or want to…

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