Team Meat’s ‘Super Meat Boy Forever’ Lives, Allegedly Coming in 2018

Team Meat’s ‘Super Meat Boy Forever’ Lives, Allegedly Coming in 2018

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat have a pretty contentious relationship with the world of mobile gaming. In March of 2009, they released a pimple-popping game called Zits & Giggles, basically to make fun of how stupid they thought mobile gaming was. Then as an experiment, they raised the price of the game to $15, and then $50, and then $299. They noticed that each time they raised the price, more people were buying the game, so they continued to raise the price until it reached the $400 mark. The following year, in a now famous rant at GDC 2010, Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes trashed the iPhone App Store and its users, saying that “the people you’re selling games to on the App store, they’re not necessarily gamers.” Just a few days after that Apple pulled Zits & Giggles from the App Store.

He also likened iPhone games to the Tiger handheld gaming systems of the ’80s and ’90s, saying that when it came to the big AAA gaming brands appearing on iPhone it was “a way to sell a brand, just like the Tiger handhelds were.” They hammered that point home by trolling iPhone gamers yet again and releasing Super Meat Boy Handheld which was literally a barely playable version of Super Meat Boy in the style of a Tiger handheld LCD game. Following the Zits & Giggles drama, in a now-removed follow-up blog post, Refenes also said “I have no intentions on doing anything for iPhone or iPad ever…I hate the platforms and I hate the stores.”

Well, as we all know now the App Store and mobile gaming has become a massive success. Of course there are mountains of crap games released every day, but for those who are willing to seek…

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