Team attack: The making of Chroma Squad | Pocket

Team attack: The making of Chroma Squad | Pocket

Brazilian indie developer Behold Studios generated nearly $100,000 through Kickstarter back in 2013 to make Chroma Squad.

A management strategy game about running a TV studio making a larger-than-life, Power Rangers-style superhero series, it captured the imaginations of nearly 4,000 backers with its nostalgic feel.

The game launched on PC and Mac in April 2015, before eventually coming to mobile and consoles – now published by Bandai Namco – in May 2017.

It’s been a long road to here for Behold Studios, so to learn more about the game’s development and the process of bringing it to mobile, reached out to Game Designer Mark Venturelli. When did the idea of a tactical RPG based around a Japanese superhero TV show come about?

Mark Venturelli: Our generation in Brazil grew up with Japanese TV shows airing every morning – we had Changeman, Flashman, Kamen Rider, Jiraya and many others, dubbed in Portuguese.

It had a profound impact in our childhood, and when the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers aired it became a nationwide fever.

I remember dressing up as the blue ranger and running around the house as a little kid!

Tokusatsu – and Super Sentai, especially – became culture, both in Japan and overseas. It transcended its “kids show” origins with campy charm, while still being approachable to kids.

With Chroma Squad we tried to capture the energy and honesty of Super Sentai.

Mark Venturelli

It’s a rare example of a genre in geek culture that managed to grow up with its audience without becoming gritty, violent or sexualised and alienating younger fans.

With Chroma Squad we…

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