StarSceptre: The iOS game that was coded entirely on an iPad

StarSceptre: The iOS game that was coded entirely on an iPad

A developer uses his commute to and from work to create a game on his iPad!

During your commute to work, what do you accomplish? Drink a cup of coffee? Reply to some emails? How about developing a game? That’s exactly what London-based developer Richard Morgan, the one-man developer behind 8Bit Magic Games, did!

The Story

StarSceptre is Richard Morgan’s second game to hit the App Store, and he coded the entire game on his iPad. He’s a busy advertising executive that doesn’t have a lot of free time, but as he mentioned on the StarSceptre website, after developing his first game, he was trying hard to find time to work on a new game.

“My work commute is the only spare time I have,” says Richard Morgan, “I needed a way to make games in that time – on the move, on my iPad.”

Richard’s search led him to an app called Codea, which is built on the Lua programming language. The app lets you code programs for iOS right on your iPad. It ended up being a perfect match for Richard’s needs and his morning commute to work was no longer wasted time.

When it came to beta-testing StarSceptre, the on-the-go development gave Richard a unique experience of interacting with the people on his train ride every morning.

“When people see me coding and testing the game, I get some really funny looks. They see someone who just can’t sit still. So I invite them to try the game, and within seconds they’re hooked. It’s pure magic to sit and watch someone else not only play your game but get lost in it.”

StarSceptre is a success story for indie game developers everywhere. The future of game developing for mobile platforms is constantly…

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