Sprint Flex and Sprint Deals announced as new flexible programs to buy smartphones

Sprint Flex and Sprint Deals announced as new flexible programs to buy smartphones

Sprint has today announced two new programs to buy and upgrade to the latest smartphones through the carrier. As the name suggests, Sprint Flex brings several new options to device leasing for postpaid accounts, and Sprint Deals provides the option of purchasing with or without a credit check. Meanwhile the carrier’s year of free service promotion for new customers is still live…


Sprint has been focusing on its leasing options for a while, but today the company is introducing more ways to purchase and trade-in smartphones. Customers will still have to start with a lease, but they can opt to upgrade after 12 or 18 months, and also choose to purchase the device or continue leasing.

Sprint Flex allows customers to enjoy their phone before deciding what option (upgrade, continue leasing, return, or own) works best for their lifestyle. Customers can still choose to buy the phone outright at point of sale.

Here are the details about Sprint Flex from the press release:

  • Choose a phone and start paying monthly with our lowest cost down today.
  • Benefit from annual upgrades with iPhone Forever and Galaxy Forever at no additional monthly charge; or, for $5 per month, choose an annual upgrade option for any other new device.2
  • At 18 months:
    • Choose to return your device and upgrade to a new one.
    • Choose to own the device by paying it off in one payment.
    • Choose to own the device by making six more monthly payments. All lease payments already made will count toward the purchase price.

The second new program, Sprint Deals, offers the option to complete or skip a credit check when purchasing a new device. Here’s how…

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