Solar Red HTC U11 going on sale in the US at midnight

Solar Red HTC U11 going on sale in the US at midnight

The HTC U11 in Solar Red has finally arrived! HTC has announced that the Solar Red color option for the U11 will be listed through at midnight tonight. Like all the other color options, the HTC U11 is Solar Red will sell for $650.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. The HTC U11 isn’t quite ready to ship. For now, HTC is only taking pre-orders for the phone. No information has been shared regarding when the Solar Red HTC U11 will actually ship. HTC has already experienced high demand for the U11 and HTC executives have stated that they don’t expect supply to catch up to current demand until sometime in July.

Hopefully, those who pre-order the new color will not have to wait more than a few weeks for it to show up at their door steps.

Leave us a comment and let us know which HTC U11 color you find more appealing.


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