Small in size, big in capabilities

Small in size, big in capabilities

The last time Sony gave the “Compact” moniker to one of its devices, it was a variant of the Xperia X, the company’s botched attempt at disguising a mid-ranger as a flagship. And while the end result was a surprisingly good device, it was not a real successor to the traditionally high-end smartphone series.
But today, alongside the flagship XZ1 and the mid-range XA1 Plus, Sony introduced us to its next small form factor device, the XZ1 Compact — and from what we’ve seen so far, it surely would appease the many Sony fans clamoring for a heir to the Z5 Compact throne.

This is because — if the name hasn’t already clued you in — the XZ1 Compact is pretty much the XZ1, but stuffed in a smaller package with some minimal feature cuts. So let’s get right into the details:

A smaller take on the classic Xperia design

Just like the regular XZ1, its bite-sized sibling doesn’t deviate much from the long-established OmniBalance design principles which have been a mainstay in Sony smartphones’ looks for years now. And a lot of this has to do with the fact that the XZ1 Compact was made to imitate its bigger brother, which itself is almost a carbon copy of last year’s XZ.

But this isn’t nearly as much of an issue here, as the small flagship market niche has been all but abandoned from most manufacturers — so there really isn’t much competition to overshadow the XZ1 Compact’s somewhat dated looks.

The front of the device is mostly taken up by a 4.6-inch display with a 720p resolution. And unlike the XZ1, the screen does not offer support for HDR content. Above and below you’ll find a pair of stereo speakers, while…

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