Should you buy an Echo Show?

Should you buy an Echo Show?

Is the Echo Show the right smart home personal assistant for you? Take a look!

Amazon has added a screen-based version of its Echo products called the Echo Show. It acts pretty much just like an Echo speaker but with the added benefit of that 7-inch touchscreen. You can watch videos, see what you’re about to buy on Amazon, and make video chats with anyone using the Alexa app (with or without an Echo product). Should you buy the Show? Or would one of Amazon’s other Echo devices make more sense?

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Does size matter?

Echo Show

This thing is probably going to be front and center in your house or at least prominently display in one of your rooms, so what it looks like might mean a lot to you.

From straight-on, the Echo Show looks pretty sweet. It’s got a nice flatscreen display with a speaker grill right in front. It comes in either black or white, and both look good sitting on your countertop or table.

The 7-inch screen displays movies, TV shows, and photos beautifully. There’s also some additional information displayed on the screen that you can customize in the settings section. So your Show can basically be used as a photo frame with the added bonus of also displaying the time, date, your calendar events, or the weather.

When you look at the Echo Show’s side profile, that’s where things get a little eeehhhhh…

It’s incredibly bulky considering this is 2017 and laptops are as thin as tablets. It looks kind of like an old computer monitor from the early 1990s. It’s about 3.5 inches deep and has an angled backside. The power plug is on the back, so shoving it into a hollowed out spot in your wall isn’t going to be a…

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