‘Shadowverse’ ‘Wonderland Dreams’ Update is Live, Brings Fables to the Game

‘Shadowverse’ ‘Wonderland Dreams’ Update is Live, Brings Fables to the Game

It’s been a week for CCGs this one, with Elder Scrolls: Legends getting the Skyrim expansion and now Shadowverse [Free] got the Wonderland Dreams expansion, the game’s 5th. The expansion brings over a 100 cards to the game, all of which have to do with old and new fables. As you can see from the Alice in Wonderland-themed trailer below, Wonderland Dreams looks like a fun trip into fairy tales and fables including Don Quixote, Alice, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and many more. Definitely a fun theme to explore and a departure from the usual fantasy fare of other CCGs.

The update adds new chapters to the main story, solo player missions, more options to private match mode that let you play for best of 3 or best of 5, and much more. And every player who logs in and completes the tutorial gets 10 Wonderland Dreams tickets.

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