Selling Your Old Phone Online? You May Have to Register for GST

Selling Your Old Phone Online? You May Have to Register for GST

The government’s new tax regime, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) is in the process of rolling out, and is targeted for implementation starting July 1. For some of us, it’s been a great chance to pick up a nice deal, as retailers don’t want to forward inventory to the GST norms. Software companies are making money with GST compliance tools, with options ranging from startups to the big firms. One thing you might not have expected though is that if you’re selling your old phone online, you might have to register for GST.

Online sales platform eBay has partnered with Cleartax to offer GST training to sellers, and it noted on its seller centre that every person who supplies goods through an e-commerce operator shall enrolled in GST, irrespective of the turnover. It states: “Basis current guidelines, every seller on will require to have GST registration at the time of GST rollout.” This includes individual sellers looking to resell one-off items like that phone or laptop you no longer need.

Gadgets 360 reached out to eBay to find out more, and the company sent the following written statement:

From July 1, 2017, all sellers on e-commerce platform need GST registration. We will review if there is any clarification from the Government regarding exemption for categories of goods and services or types of ‘assesses.’

Does this apply to any online platform? For example, if you’re selling your phone on OLX or Quikr, do you still have to register for GST, even though in those cases the payment is often made offline, in cash?

Most likely, but possibly not, seems to be the consensus. Neither company offered a response to our…

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