Samsung Chromebook Plus vs. Pro: The Differences and Which Should you Buy?

Samsung Chromebook Plus vs. Pro: The Differences and Which Should you Buy?

Samsung’s 2017 Chromebook lineup offers something for everyone with two equally great models.

Samsung introduced a pair of great Chromebooks with the unveiling of the Pro and the Plus. In addition of the Chrome OS features we’ve been using like built-in security and the best web browsing experience you can get anywhere, Samsung and Google have introduced pressure sensitive drawing using a familiar Samsung Pen. And everything is wrapped up in an awesome package no matter which model you choose.

Most of us won’t be buying both models, so the natural questions are what’s the difference between them and which one should I buy? We’re going to have a look and help you get the right answers.

Chromebook Plus at Amazon

Beautiful and light

That’s going to be your first thought no matter which model you are looking at. Both models are built the same using identical parts — on the outside.

The screen is the best we’ve seen on a Chromebook.

Checking in at just 0.5 inches thick and 2.38 pounds, these 12.3-inch laptops use the same Samsung design language as their high-end Windows counterparts. Built with a brushed magnesium-alloy body paired with a 2400 x 1600 LED display, both models are not only good looking but sturdy and great for carrying all day long. We especially loved the bright and crisp display.

The keyboard and trackpad aren’t the best we’ve used but they’re not bad, either. The omission of backlighting was a bit disappointing, but in the end, we were more than satisfied with both keyboard and trackpad even if we couldn’t give either the level of praise we have for the screen or the materials used.

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