Review: Not-so-obvious smart home with Leviton’s Decora Smart Switch & Dimmer

Review: Not-so-obvious smart home with Leviton’s Decora Smart Switch & Dimmer

Before I had even moved into my new apartment a few months ago, I was already dreaming of ways to integrate HomeKit throughout the space. The number one priority being how to turn it into a not-so-obvious smart home. I didn’t want blinking LEDs littering my apartment, and I didn’t want guests having to question how exactly to turn on a light switch. It needed to appear like a regular apartment, but be HomeKit compatible.

The area I struggled with the most was the light switch. Through weeks of hunting I came across ones that required hubs, had obnoxious LEDs, or looked like alien light switches. Then came Leviton with its HomeKit compatible Decora Smart Switch and Dimmer. At first glance, they don’t even appear to be “smart,” which couldn’t be more perfect for my setup.

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Getting started with Leviton’s Decora Smart switches

The team at Decora was kind enough to send me both a DH15S-1BZ switch and the DH6HD-1BZ dimmer to get an in-depth review on the items. I only have four wall switches throughout my apartment, so two of the Decora Smart devices were enough for this test.

I settled on installing the switch in my kitchen, and the dimmer in my bedroom. My kitchen sports a strange LED tube light, so a smart switch seemed like the best way to gain remote control of it. As for my bedroom, those lights have been relying on Phillips Hue bulbs, and I’ve been dimming them through the iOS Home app (more on that below).

Thanks to the fact that the Decora…

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