Remain Hooked on the Fly

Remain Hooked on the Fly

So what you are on the fly or dealing with the tough situation without the internet connection? You can still play some of the best iPhone or iPad games even in Airplane mode. There are a number of popular iOS game apps that work even in offline. Whether you are fond of action games or have a special liking for puzzles, you can pick out exactly what clicks for you!

Heading for a long flight or hunting for some of the top most iOS game apps to never let boredom creep into your time, you would find this set of games well-timed to keep you entertained. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play them on your iPhone or wish to give them a run on your powerful iPad Pro, they have been fully optimized to take the complete advantage of the superior tech found on the latest iOS devices. Enough gossip? Let’s take these top 10 Airplane Mode apps for iPhone and iPad for the long drive!

Top 10 Airplane Mode Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Skiplit

Skiplit iPhone and iPad Game IconWhat makes Skiplit a fun-loving puzzle game is a simple yet quite intriguing concept. The game is centered around colors meet. You have to swipe the ball to shoot in the right direction. It must go past roadblocks to hit the target. One thing you need to know that you are allowed to bounce the ball only a few times each level.

Price: Free

#2. Lumino City

Lumino City iPhone and iPad Game IconEmbrace this puzzle adventure to enliven your playing time! Someone has kidnapped Lumi’s grandfather, who happens to be the caretaker of the Lumino City. You have to find him by exploring the city. Discover plenty of amazing things like gardens in the sky, houses dug into cliffs and more. That’s not all, through in-app purchase, you will…

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