Pokémon Go: How to fix ‘The Gym is under attack! Try again later’ error

Pokémon Go: How to fix ‘The Gym is under attack! Try again later’ error

How do you fix the ‘The Gym is under attack! Try again later’ bug in Pokémon Go? By turning up the clock!

Pokémon Go is currently experiencing a bug where the game incorrectly throws up an error for people trying to add their Pokémon to a freshly claimed Gym. Basically, one person can go in fine, but anyone and everyone else has to wait 10 minutes before they can add their Pokémon and help defend the Gym.

Initially some thought the error may have been created to prevent people from throwing more and more Pokémon on a Gym as it’s under attack and other Pokémon are kicked off, thereby creating a stalemate. But it doesn’t seem to be preventing that at all — you can still add Pokémon to a Gym that’s actually under attack if you time it right, you simply can’t add them to a Gym that’s no longer under attack.

Others have theorized the error was to prevent multi-account cheating, where one person with several devices or several accounts on the same device tries to fill a Gym and squeeze legitimate players out, or shave/cycle the Gym by knocking a Pokémon out and replacing it with one of their own. It doesn’t seem to have slowed them down either, though.

All the “The Gym is under attack! Try again later” issue has done has been to frustrate players trying to play in groups. Pokémon Go developer Niantic says the bug is know and the company is working on the fix. In the meantime, here’s a fix you can apply right now!

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