Please stop playing Pokémon Go in cemeteries

Please stop playing Pokémon Go in cemeteries

Imagine for a moment you are out visiting a family member who has recently passed.

You smile for a moment as a cherished memory flutters by. A tear falls from your face as the hole this person has left in your life swells a little larger than usual. Just as you go to kneel down and straighten the floral arrangement next to the tombstone, this peaceful resting place is interrupted by the last thing you imagine hearing right now.

HELL yes. I caught the Lugia!

Turning and facing the interruption, you see 18 adults with a handful of children next to over a dozen cars. These people are playing a game in the cemetery, standing in a cluster right next to a row of someone else’s family members. A minute or two passes, and this caravan of noisy people roll out together in hunt of the next place to play the game.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a hypothetical. It’s happening all over right now, and in my personal opinion, it’s something that should stop.

Niantic is no stranger to this particular topic. People have been playing in “off limits” places since the first day of Ingress, including someone getting caught setting up a portal on the 50-yard line of a big football stadium. We’ve seen warning messages about playing these games where there are rules prohibiting you being there, but a cemetery during the day is frequently not on that list. The gates are open, the Gyms are lit, and occasionally there are raid events that randomly…

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