Please don’t find your plastic surgeon on Instagram

Please don’t find your plastic surgeon on Instagram

… And if you do, please be smart about it…

Instagram is great for a lot of things: following your besties, posting selfies, updating your IG story with a wild night out, getting makeup recommendations from beauty gurus, following your favorite celeb’s day-to-day super glam lives, and shopping for a plastic surgeon!

🎶 … One of these things is not like the other… 🎶

Social media has changed the way plastic surgeons interact with their colleagues, patients, and friends. Social media is a rapidly changing phenomenon that it is critical to plastic surgeons and their practice. Plastic surgery can be marketed directly to consumers and therefore social media can provide a valuable platform to interact with potential patients and to define a surgeon’s expertise and practice online. Social media impacts search engine optimization algorithms, increasing web traffic to a surgeon’s site, and it can affect patients’ perceptions of the practice and surgeon. (Oxford Aesthetic Surgery Journal)

It’s not a big surprise that plastic surgeons from around the globe are using large social media platforms like Instagram to promote and advertise their work, but picking a doctor because he/she is “Instagram Famous” or popular is quickly becoming a frightening pattern.

Only 18 percent of top plastic surgery-related posts on Instagram were by board-certified plastic surgeons (EurekAlert!

The majority of posts that advertise plastic surgery — the most popular being procedures for lip enhancement and breast and bum augmentation — actually come from physicians that weren’t trained at all in plastic surgery, or professionals…

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