Playrix acquired one million installs a month from Pinterest | Pocket

Playrix acquired one million installs a month from Pinterest | Pocket

Gardenscapes developer Playrix managed to score one million installs a month across its portfolio through Pinterest thanks to a partnership with Taptica.

Almost a quarter of these installs led to paying players, while at least 70% of players made it through the initial tutorial phase of a game. Playrix also maintained a positive ROI throughout the entire campaign.

Pinterest is not well-known as an avenue for mobile game advertising. When Taptica and Playrix partnered to run a campaign, the advertising firm had only just started offering it in its services.

“Pinterest was a new advertising platform (not yet available for direct advertisers) so we offered them an opportunity to leverage the ‘early adopter’ advantage and reach the audiences that were not previously available for them,”¬†explained Shiran Mendelowitz, Sales & Business Development Team Leader at Taptica.

Put a pin in it

The campaign targeted a range of social media channels initially, but Pinterest was found to be the top performer. From there, Taptica focused in further on the social network with targeted ads for its users.

The team found that users who engaged with Gardenscapes, for example, were enthusiasts of DIY, home décor, and crafts. Taptica therefore targeted its messaging and ads at these users to drive even higher engagement.

“Pinterest has strong potential for driving high quality users across many verticals,” says Mendelowitz.

“In the case of Gardenscapes, a combination of a new channel (not saturated with ads) and a new game (released in June 2016), contributed to the overall success.”

Playrix might not be one of the biggest names in mobile gaming,…

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