OnePlus 5 vs. HTC U11: More money, more quality

OnePlus 5 vs. HTC U11: More money, more quality

We have so many great high-end smartphone choices this year.

OnePlus is riding pretty high after a year of great success with the OnePlus 3 and 3T, and it’s trying to parlay that momentum with the OnePlus 5. It’s sticking to the same recipe as before, but doubling down on the importance of the camera and also raising its price. Despite being the bigger of the two companies, HTC broke out from a slump in 2017 with the U11. It’s a great overall phone that directly competes with the flagships of the year, surprising many after a few years of lackluster high-end phones.

With the OnePlus 5 ostensibly targeting all of the flagship competition, and having the highest price of any phone from the company’s history, it’s worth comparing it directly to the U11 as one of the current leaders in the market. Does the OnePlus 5 have what it takes to be considered over the U11, considering it comes in at $170 less? Here’s what you can expect.

What’s the same

As is the case with most of the leading phones today, you get a great baseline experience from both of these phones. Both are built on a Snapdragon 835 processor, plus plenty of RAM and storage. That leads to both the OnePlus 5 and HTC U11 having super fast software all around. Both phones offer a solid battery, USB-C and fast charging. They’re also both sold unlocked with wide LTE support, which is always great to see.

In terms of the external hardware, they’re quite similar from the front where they stick with traditional 16:9 displays, normal bezels, a front fingerprint sensor and capacitive keys (though the OnePlus 5 offers optional on-screen navigation). The volume…

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