Now playing: Galaxy of Heroes Creative Director Justin Jones on Kingdom: New Lan | Pocket

Now playing: Galaxy of Heroes Creative Director Justin Jones on Kingdom: New Lan | Pocket

Great games aren’t created in a vacuum.

Being successful in the games industry requires a strong understanding of the medium and the market, and playing lots of games is inevitably a part of this.

Given how crucial this can be for insight and inspiration, and just how passionate this industry is, it’s about time more people started openly talking about the games they play.

So will be regularly reaching out to key figures in the mobile games industry to ask them what game (other than their own) is currently keeping them busy after hours. You can view all entries here.

This time, it’s Justin Jones with his playing habits in the spotlight. Jones is Creative Director on EA’s hit Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. What mobile game (other than your own) are you currently playing the most?

Justin Jones: Kingdom: New Lands.

How long have you been playing it, and do you see yourself continuing?

Probably three months or so. I was aware of the game series before that, but hadn’t actually played it until the iOS release.

Even if my kingdom ends up surviving the later islands, the game has a lot of replayability so I’ll probably be into New Lands until Two Crowns comes out.

What do you enjoy most about it?

Mystery. Discovery. Failure.

It’s a deep resource management and exploration game through the veil of a dark medieval theme.

Justin Jones

Those themes are the most compelling things about the game to me, and the chance to experience each of them again and again in different ways.

The aesthetic and sound design drive the mystery. The progression and exploration drive the discovery. And the…

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