Nintendo Switch Online: Everything you need to know!

Nintendo Switch Online: Everything you need to know!

Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch is giving you more content, provided you use Nintendo’s app.

Nintendo Switch Online, the new companion app for the Switch, has arrived, and there is plenty to parse out. Unlike the apps for PlayStation or Xbox, Nintendo has gone the game-specific route. You’ll now be able to enjoy more features, including inviting friends to play with you, provided you have the app open when you’re playing a compatible game.

There’s plenty to go over, and we have the details for you here!

What does Nintendo Switch Online do?

The Nintendo Switch app works as an extra hub for content, at least for games that work with it anyway. Each game will offer different content through the app, in an attempt to give you access to everything you could want for gameplay. To access everything, though, you’ll need a few things.

Namely, a Nintendo Switch console, a compatible app, a Nintendo account, and a phone with the Nintendo Switch app loaded on it. For now, all of that online content is entirely free, but come 2018, you’ll have to pay in order to access it. After 2018 gets here, you’ll be looking at a subscription fee similar to Xbox Gold or PlayStation Plus.

Which games does it work with?

At the moment, Nintendo Switch Online has functionality with one game, Splatoon 2, and you’ll need to use the app to reach Splatnet. Splatnet is where you can invite friends to online lobbies, use voice chat features, and reach leaderboards, amongst other things.

For now, it’s just Splatoon 2, but you can be sure that down the line plenty more games will include functionality with the Nintendo Switch…

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