Nintendo Readies for Splatoon 2 Switch Event – Game Mob

Nintendo Readies for Splatoon 2 Switch Event – Game Mob

Nintendo Switch owners can play the upcoming title Splatoon 2 for free today from 3:00PM to 7:00PM Pacific Time. Downloading the free Splatoon 2: Splatfest World Premiere app will allows players to partake in an exclusive online event known as a “Splatfest.”  After explaining what a Splatfest is and how it works, players will be introduced to several core concepts of the game and informed that there are two sides to this upcoming battle: Team Cake and Team Ice Cream!

For those unfamiliar with Nintendo’s latest franchise, Splatoon is an online, 3rd person shooting game that allows squid-like characters to splat one another with paint via a variety of weapons and play styles in 4 on 4 matches. Weapons include paint guns, paint brushes, and even slosher buckets, to name a few. In addition to new maps and character customization options, the upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch will features several new weapons (one such that we saw during the server stress test last month: the splat duelies).

In preparation for today’s online event, players can choose a side and create a custom Inkling before getting familiar with the new controls in preparation for the online fun. The new customizing options allow players to choose new hairstyles for their Inkling and new leg-wear too. It hasn’t been made clear if there are any benefits that these styles may add to Inkling battle abilities, as was the case in the original game, but perhaps we will see more new weapons in today’s fest.


If you have managed to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, the original Splatoon was very enjoyable, and this is sure to be a fun…

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