New video offers up-close look at ‘iPhone 8’ dummy

New video offers up-close look at ‘iPhone 8’ dummy


A video published on Wednesday provides one of the best looks yet at a supposed “iPhone 8” dummy unit that has been floating around the web, joining together an aluminum chassis and bezel-free front glass seen in alleged parts leaks.

Shared by OnLeaks in partnership with Tiger Mobiles, the well produced video shows close up views of what is claimed to be a replica “iPhone 8.”

Steve Hemmerstoffer of OnLeaks confirmed the dummy unit is a CNC mockup manufactured based on CAD files he obtained, and subsequently posted to Twitter, in early April. Those same schematics were used to create a graphical rendering of the device in May, while some third-party manufacturers are already using similar information to build cases ahead of Apple’s expected fall release.

Since the dummy unit shown off in today’s video is based on months-old CAD files, there are no new design features to speak of save for a prominent Apple logo on the chassis.

The mockup’s front panel is very similar to parts leaked earlier this month, with a thin black bezel and space for an ear speaker, front-facing camera and proximity sensors. While cutout positioning slightly differs from past parts leaks, the overall bezel design is in line with current rumors.

Though redundant considering OnLeaks’ previous CAD leak, the video’s producers pull out a pair of calipers to measure the dummy unit. In line with previous estimates, the mockup measures 144mm long, 71mm wide and 7.5mm thick. Counting the vertically-arranged camera bump, thickness measurements top out at…

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