Netflix Adds Dolby Atmos Support, Starting With Okja

Netflix Adds Dolby Atmos Support, Starting With Okja

Netflix is adding Dolby Atmos support starting with Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, which arrived on the streaming service this week after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival last month. Initially, it will only be available on the Xbox One and the Xbox One S, with support on its way for LG’s 2017 lineup of OLED TVs. Of course, you’ll need an Atmos-compatible speaker setup in the first place.

For the unaware, Atmos goes a step ahead of 5.1/ 7.1 surround sound systems by allowing filmmakers increased flexibility on where to place sounds, including the option for ceiling-mounted speakers. “Imagine being surrounded by the sounds of the scene you’re watching – an aeroplane passing overhead, or the subtlety of the wind rustling tree leaves all around you,” Netflix’s chief product officer, Greg Peters, said in a statement. “Having the extra dimension of immersive audio is a game changer for experiencing the realism of a story, and feeling like you’re a part of it.”

Since most homes can’t logistically afford mounting speakers on their ceiling, AV manufacturers have come up with home theatre sets that include upward-firing units, meaning they bounce sounds off the wall to imitate the true effect of Dolby Atmos. In case you’d like a personal experience, a virtual Atmos experience will also be available for headphones, with the help of the Dolby Access app in the Xbox Store.

The number of titles will grow over time, with Netflix currently focused on its original productions: anime Blame! on July 28, live-action Death Note on August 25, and the Will Smith-starrer Bright in December. Dolby Atmos support is much more prominent on Blu-ray…

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