Mozilla Is Creating AI-Based Voice-Recognition Software Using Crowdsourcing

Mozilla Is Creating AI-Based Voice-Recognition Software Using Crowdsourcing

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of technological advancements for a long time now. Today, AI can be found pretty much everywhere, from phones to smart speakers. And the technology is mainly thought to be in the hands of a few big names, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and so on. For a company like Mozilla to jump into the AI game, things can get a bit difficult, but the company has found a way to collect the data it needs to get started – by giving the power to the public.

Mozilla is exploring an alternative way of gathering data, by asking users to pool information to power an open-sourced AI initiative, The Verge reports. One of the projects, for example, is called Common Voice, where users will be able to donate voice samples to create an open-sourced voice recognition system similar to how Siri and Alexa work. Companies like Google and Facebook have the benefit of having collected data via their respective products to help them build AI. For Mozilla, this initiative is a starting point in collecting data to start building its own AI software.

“Currently, the power to control speech recognition could end up in just a few hands, and we didn’t want to see that,” Sean White, vice president of emerging technology at Mozilla, tells The Verge. Big companies have the benefit of filtering data coming in, but for companies like Mozilla, other methods need to be taken. “The interesting question for us, is, can we do it so the people who are creating the data also benefit?”

Mozilla plans to open source its voice-recognition system by the end of the year. Anyone can head over to Common Voice to donate their…

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