Moto X4 hands-on: Now a mid-ranger beauty

Moto X4 hands-on: Now a mid-ranger beauty

A funny thing seemed to occur when Lenovo started calling the shots with Motorola. The beloved Moto X line slowly began to scale back, and in the last couple of years, another line supplanted it in being the flagship line in Moto’s portfolio – that was the Moto Z. Now, after a couple of years of being dormant, it looks as though that we’re finally getting a proper successor to the last one in the series; the Moto X4.

Lenovo-Motorola made a special surprise during its IFA 2017 press conference, officially announcing the phone. What’s shocking, though, is the fact that it’s no longer being touted as the company’s flagship line, but rather, it’s been demoted to the mid-range class of devices in its portfolio. While many diehard loyalists will scream bloody hell about the new direction, it’s aiming to be king amongst mid-rangers in the hopes that its new design and software features make it a competitive offering.


Remember how the Motorla X line stood out from the pack thanks to its highly customizable design? Well, you can forget about that because it swaps that out in favor of a more premium finish. That’s good or bad depending on how you look at it, but during our quick hands-on time, we were most impressed by the smooth glass finish of the phone.

It’s clearly a cut above most other mid-range smartphones with its curved, sloped edges that make it comfortable to hold in the hand. While other design characteristics from Moto’s other phones are employed here by the Moto 4, we can tell you that it’s not trying to copy the Moto Z line. And that’s because it doesn’t feature the same modular approach. Despite…

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