Moto X4 hands-on: No relation

Moto X4 hands-on: No relation

The Moto X was the beginning of the Google-fueled turnaround for the company, earning it plenty of fans and positive reviews. The Moto X refresh each year became something Android fans looked forward to, but the Google era didn’t last long. Under Lenovo’s leadership, the Moto X went away in favor of the Moto Z family of devices with their ecosystem of modular accessories. The last Moto X launched in 2015 as the “Moto X Pure,” but now it’s coming back. After months of leaks, the Moto X4 is official. It’s not the same phone we remember, but it might be interesting in its own way.

Since this is a Moto X and not a Z, there’s no accessory connector on the back. The colorful shells and distinctive materials from the old Moto X are gone, though. The back is just a sheet of glass with a slight curve at the edges to make it more hand-friendly. The phone is slippery, and it picks up fingerprints, as you would expect. The aluminum rim of the phone feels sturdy, and yes, there’s a headphone jack (on the bottom next to the Type-C port). Also in the plus column, this phone is IP68 water-resistant.

Despite the lack of Mods, the round camera module still sticks out on the back of the phone. Like the Moto Z2, there are two cameras on the X4. The nature of the cameras is very different, though. There’s a regular 12MP camera sensor along with a 8MP wide-angle camera. The Moto Z2 has a monochrome sensor, so the X4’s setup is more like what LG is doing with the V30. The camera app still offers depth and panorama modes, but it wasn’t clear to me in the brief time I spent with the phone if they work any better than they did on the Z2…

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