Most Amusing Ingredients for Messaging

Most Amusing Ingredients for Messaging

GIFs have become almost indispensable for a fun-loving messaging. I don’t fail to use them to liven the mood of the conversation. At times when I want to make the mood of the chat livelier, I create awesome GIFs on Mac and unleash them to keep the tempo alive!

There are quite a few apps like GIPHY Capture and PicGIF which allow you to create great-looking GIFs. However, I find EZGIF website more convenient. It has plenty of editing options to let you give the desired look to your pics. Besides, you don’t need to pay anything to get your work done.

How to Create GIF on Mac

Step #1. First, you need to go to

Step #2. Select GIF Maker from the menu bar.

Step #3. Next, click on browse and head over to the folder/location and select your favorite images. Then, click on Open.

Click on GIF Maker and Browse File in EZGIF

Step #4. Now, you need to click on Upload button.

Upload Files to Create GIF on Mac

Now, take the full advantage of the handy editing tools to design you image. For instance, toggle range of frames, choose delay time, change loop count, use the global color map to reduce file size and select effects.

Step #5. Thereafter, click on “Animate it.”

Create GIF on Mac

Step #6. Once, the GIF is ready, you can optimize the same to reduce its file size. To do so, Optimize GIF → compress the level and then click on Optimize it.

Check out other menus like the option to Add Text, Resize, Crop, Splits, Effects, WebP. You can use them to further fine tune your GIF.

Customize GIF File on Mac

Step #7. If you are satisfied with the changes, click on save button.

Save GIF on Mac

How To Convert videos into GIFs using EzGIF on Mac

Note: Make sure your video is less than 100 MB.

Step #1. First, go to

Step #2. Then, select Video to GIF

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