Mobile Mavens: Is there an opportunity for smartphones to build on the Nintendo | Pocket

Mobile Mavens: Is there an opportunity for smartphones to build on the Nintendo | Pocket

The Nintendo Switch’s early success is quickly having an impact on the investment landscape for console-like smartphone and tablet controllers.

Gamevice recently raised $12.5 million for its attachable smartphone controllers, while LA start-up Wonder picked up $14 million in funding for its device that promises to be a “hybrid between a powerful smartphone and a gaming console”.

With interest high from investors and start-ups in building Switch-like experiences, we asked our expert Mobile Mavens:

  • With the early success of the Switch and big investments in Wonder and Gamevice, do you think there’s an opportunity for console-like control pads on mobile devices?

There’s always an opportunity to rant and remind the fate of phone-game console hybrids from Nokia N-Gage to Sony PlayStation, but this would be somewhat boring.

I kind of love new hardware start-ups. Very few take off, but often the industry gets a nudge to innovate when inspired by some of those. So may be this Hollywood-inspired gaming handheld will open the market to new opportunities?

Content sells hardware and most of the OEMs forget this simple rule. HandyGames developed for NGage, for the Sony Xperia Play, etc…

I am happy to develop for Switch. We already announced our first title on it and I can tell you it will not be the last. Nowadays content developers have more platforms than ever so getting the attention of those will be damn hard.

Investments of $12.4 million or $14 million is not really much if you need to convince developers to port games over or develop exclusive titles for it. Good luck to those two but without investing in…

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