Mint SIM Buyer’s Guide: How to get the lowest data prices in the U.S.

Mint SIM Buyer’s Guide: How to get the lowest data prices in the U.S.

Everything you need to know about Mint SIM in one easy place.

Buying phone service or changing carriers is never fun. But it should be! Saving money or having a better data connection is great.

Mint SIM takes the process of buying and setting up your new account and makes it simple. Even so, there are always a few things you should know before you get started.

We’re here to help with that. Read on for a few tips and answers to help you get the most from Mint SIM!


Best Phones

One of the best things about using an MVNO for your phone service is that there are plenty of unlocked phones that just work. Mint SIM is no exception, and most any modern phone built to use on T-Mobile works with everything Mint SIM has to offer — including Wi-Fi calling.

We’ve built a short list of the best phones to use with Mint SIM if you’re looking for something new, and our top pick is the Google Pixel. With the Pixel you get everything Google has to offer on the services side, combined with a great camera and first crack at anything new Google brings to Android.

If a Pixel is more than you were planning on spending, the OnePlus 5 and Moto G5 Plus are ready to jump in and each offers a great value to use with your Mint SIM plan.

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Best Deals on Mint SIM

Mint SIM offers several different ways to pay for your plan, and that brings a few compelling deals. You buy in advance, and plans with 2GB per month of high-speed data as well as 5GB per month and a whopping 10GB per month are available.

You can pay for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in advance and get service as…

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