Make the Most of Bigger Size & Better Technology

Make the Most of Bigger Size & Better Technology

Never before had the debate of iPad vs. laptop been so intense as today—thanks to the arrival of 10.5-inch iPad Pro immaculately powered by iOS 11. Without getting too deep into this ever-raging discussion, I would say that the ones who need trucks (Macs) would always want them, but the ones who feel the speed of cars would always prefer more portable and versatile device like the newest iPad. And if you belong to the latter group of folks, you need to give a serious look at these best iPad Pro apps to get the most out of your powerful tablet.

Whether you want to create a fabulous movie, manage emails more comfortably or make note-taking fast-paced, this adorable collection of apps has you covered. Notably, these apps have been developed to let you take the full advantage of iOS 11 (or latest iOS ecosystem) on your iPad. Let’s swim across to explore them all!

Users should not forget that iPad Pro can be used as a laptop with external keyboard, which can be connected via Bluetooth. Moreover, Apple Pencil ensures a superior experience to people from creative domains.

We have listed some of the best-suited apps for iPad Pro. Browse this list and download your favorite apps; you can also go for all.

Best iPad Pro Apps

#1. iMovie

iMovie iPad App IconWatching movies and other entertaining videos is pure fun on iPad Pro, and therefore, we have put this app first on this list. With the use of multi-touch gestures, you can create sensational movies effortlessly.

You can choose from 14 awesome trailer templates to give your flicks sensational head-start. The animated drop zones let you quickly select good-looking photos and videos for your trailer….

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