Long-Awaited ‘Shadow Fight 3’ Soft Launches in Canada, but You’ll Need a Beta Code to Play

Long-Awaited ‘Shadow Fight 3’ Soft Launches in Canada, but You’ll Need a Beta Code to Play

Soft-launching a game before its official worldwide release has long been a practice used by developers to test out a game in a live market that’s not quite as big and intimidating as the entire globe but also much larger and informative than a smaller beta testing group. It’s also given eager players a chance to jump into a free game before its full release by creating an iTunes account in whatever region the game soft launches in. In the past year or so though, many developers have taken to limiting these soft launches by requiring a player to actually BE in the country where the soft launch is taking place. It’s possible to circumvent that by using a VPN service on your device, but it’s not an ideal situation and it seems like most people would rather not bother with the hassle and would rather just wait out the official launch instead. Today Nikki’s long-awaited sequel Shadow Fight 3 soft-launched in Canada, and they’re using a different approach to limiting this partial launch. You’ll need a special code provided to those who signed up and were accepted into the beta testing group in order to play the game.

There is a partial way around this limitation, as our forum member Killercow noticed that if you turn on Airplane mode before starting up the game you can get to a point where you can begin playing without the pop-up asking for the beta email/code to be inputted. However, in my own experience I only made it through 4 or 5 of the very early tutorial lessons before the game needed to make contact with the server and that was all she wrote for my time with the game. No amount of closing the app,…

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