Logitech unveils powerful Craft keyboard and MX Sound speakers

Logitech unveils powerful Craft keyboard and MX Sound speakers

Today, Logitech is adding two new accessories to its desktop computing lineup: the Craft keyboard and the MX Sound speakers. Logitech’s new Craft keyboard looks to bring customizability and extensibility to your fingertips. The MX Sound speakers produce a refined, clean look to traditional desktop speakers.

In building out a more advanced keyboard, and bringing an elegant look to desktop speakers, Logitech is looking to take over your desktop space.

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The Craft and MX Sound follow along in the company’s recent push to stylistically unify their desktop products. From this outside perspective, it appears that Logitech is working to build an ecosystem that compares to Apple’s own. Aesthetically, and experience-wise, both of today’s announced items sit beautifully alongside the MX Master 2S and the Spotlight remote.

Logitech Craft

Without a doubt, the Logitech Craft’s input knob makes it stand out amongst other keyboards. The dial, dubbed ‘crown’ by Logitech, is an auxiliary input meant to help aid creatives in their workflow. It introduces customizability and extensibility to keyboards in the same way that the MX Master 2S brought to mice. By using the Logitech Options app, you can granularly manage what a turn, press, or press and turn of the crown controls. The real power in the crown comes from within the Craft’s integrations with third party apps.

The Craft’s creative input dial looks like a shrunken down version of Microsoft’s Surface Dial. It may not interface with a large touchscreen display, but it does bring similar deep…

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