LG V30 vs. HTC U11: head-to-head with one of Android’s most impressive phablets

LG V30 vs. HTC U11: head-to-head with one of Android’s most impressive phablets

Smartphones everywhere are undergoing some big changes in 2017. Manufacturers are going back to the drawing board and coming up with some fascinating new designs, playing with new materials, new phone shapes, and helping to breathe some fresh life into the industry. Two companies at the forefront of this movement are HTC and LG, each daring to rethink some popular smartphone families and challenge shoppers to adopt these interesting new handsets.

A few months back, we saw HTC drop its familiar One-series flagships with their iconic metal bodies for the all-new U11 hero phone, embracing a dazzling color-shifting glass-encased construction and introducing a unique new “squeeze” mechanic: Edge Sense.

LG already started playing around with new looks for its phones with the G6 and its ultra-wide screen, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, and today we’re talking about the design of the V30. Like the G6, the V30 features a face-filling 18:9-aspect screen, but maybe even more shockingly, drops the secondary “ticker” display that’s been around since the days of the V10.

Do all these changes make these two successful phones? And more to the point, which are you likely to be happier picking up for yourself? Take a look at what we learned when going hands-on with both these flagships.


While these two phones are built very differently – a factor inherent in LG’s use of a super-wide display – when you take that out of the equation, there are a whole lot of similarities here. Both handsets are sandwiches of glass panels around a metal frame, and though the V30 is a little smaller in all…

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