Lenovo’s Jedi Challenges AR game uses your iPhone as its brain

Lenovo’s Jedi Challenges AR game uses your iPhone as its brain

Train like a Jedi, with a little help from Augmented Reality.

Every Star Wars fan wants to participate in the universe somehow. Maybe you want a little BB-8 to follow you around everywhere, maybe you want to chill out in a slimy bar to play some Holochess, but most of you probably want to pick up a Lightsaber and show Kylo Ren who is in charge around here. While you can get your BB-8 on any time you like thanks to the folks at Sphero, those other two things weren’t possible until Lenovo introduced the Mirage AR headset.

Now, with the help of this headset and your iPhone, you can participate in the Star Wars universe with your own two hands.

Lenovo’s Mirage AR headset uses two fisheye cameras and your phone to provide an inside-out tracking experience where the Star Wars world is projected on the display in front of you. Instead of obscuring your vision, it uses a Tracking Beacon and a Lightsaber-shaped controller to put you in control of three different games. From Lenovo:

  • Lightsaber Battles: With their very own lightsaber, fans can train against legendary
    dark side villains like Kylo Ren and Darth Vader.

  • Strategic Combat: Players marshal the forces of the Republic, Rebel Alliance, and the
    Resistance against the might of the Separatists, Empire, and First Order in epic battles
    across their living room floors. Players can hone their skills in strategy and tactics as
    they engage in battles that involve X-wings, AT-ATs, battle droids, and even iconic

  • Holochess: Perhaps one of the most iconic board games brought to film, Holochess first
    leapt into moviegoer hearts when it was first played on the Millennium Falcon…

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