Learn the history of Canada with these great iBooks

Learn the history of Canada with these great iBooks

Explore Canada’s history with these great iBooks!

Canada is almost 150 years-old, but how did we get here? As a Canuck myself, I often forget just how young we are as a country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have an incredible history.

Canadians have a unique history in politics, war, sports, culture and more, making it an extremely interesting subject matter to explore.

Whether you’re a proud to be from the Great White North or are just hoping to learn more about Canada, here are some great books to check out in iBooks.

History of Canadian Prime Ministers

From the changes in Canada’s political systems to the political leaders that led our country through turbulent times, History of Canadian Prime Ministers is bound to teach you something you didn’t know.

From Laurier to Chrétien, this book will teach you all about the past prime ministers and how they shaped our country today.

Canada 1812: Forged in Fire

We Canucks always like to bring up The War of 1812 as the time we burnt down the white house, and while there is some truth to that fact, the war itself was far more important and relevant than that one moment. Canada 1812: Forged in Fire is a very historically accurate graphic novel that depicts the events of the war in an entertaining but educational way.

Technically, Canada wasn’t officially a country yet when the War of 1812 happened, but a lot of scholars and historians credit the war with starting the independence movement in Canada.

It’s a really fascinating time of North American history, and we don’t learn nearly enough about it throughout school. I strongly urge people to check it out.

The Promise of…

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