Koogeek P1 Smart Plug an affordable way to get started with Apple’s HomeKit

Koogeek P1 Smart Plug an affordable way to get started with Apple’s HomeKit

We may be in a renaissance of HomeKit peripherals after iOS 11 ships, but if you’re ready to get in now, the Koogeek P1 Smart Plug is a decent starting point —but not perfect.

The recently released Koogeek P1 Smart Plug does what it says on the packaging —it plugs into any outlet, and converts it into a HomeKit controllable one. Fully HomeKit compatible, the hardware and app allows for schedule setting, use in Scenes, Siri control, and control from outside the house, when used in conjunction with a HomeKit Hub.

The app allows for monitoring of real-time, daily, and monthly power consumption of devices plugged into the socket —which opens up a number of possibilities for monitoring of so-called “vampire power” consumed by power adapters.

The plug is a little chunky

Purely from a physical standpoint, the device is a little big, and can block adjacent outlets. It’s also a little rough on power strips, and can block one or more adjacent plugs on device if not well positioned.

This is the case for most of the HomeKit plugs, so if this is a problem will vary very much from user to user.

iPhone SE for scale

iPhone SE for scale

Pairing process, and maintenance

Like the Koogeek Smart Socket that we previously examined, the Smart Plug does what it says it will do, just from a different side of the power supply. After registering the socket with the iPhone’s camera in a quick and painless process, it will take a command from an app, and turn on or off.

But, the Koogeek ecosystem does require 2.4GHz wireless access, so if you’ve got that disabled in favor of only 5Ghz, you’re going to have a problem. We’ve tested it with a Verizon FiOS router, and the…

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