Keep your KEYone protected with a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Keep your KEYone protected with a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

How can you best keep your KEYone’s screen protected?

The BlackBerry KEYone has less screen to protect than other phones, but it’s still worth keeping it safe from scratches and drop damage with a tempered glass screen protector.

If you’ve spent some time with the KEYone, you’ll know that the screen has a curve at the edge, which is never good news for tempered glass screen protectors. There’s also a limited offering at this point, but we’ve rounded up the best options as recommended in the CrackBerry KEYone Forum and from reputable brands on Amazon.

Brotect AirGlass screen protector

This recommendation came from the CrackBerry Forums, and is deceptively thin. Brotect claims its AirGlass line of screen protectors is thinner and lighter than ever before while still offering strong anti-scratch hardness. Do note that does not curve around the edges of the KEYone screen.

Now, Brotech claims their protector is the thinnest glass screen protector — so much so that it flexes like crazy. This has lead do some people to claim they’re offering a plastic film screen protector, so Brotect has this video showing what happens when you snap one in half.
They include an extra cutout of glass with the screen protector as a sample which you can test for yourself.

By the way, if you’re in the hunt for KEYone accessories, the CrackBerry forums have an ongoing thread on that very topic)

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J&D Tempered Glass Screen Protector [3-pack]

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