Jabra’s new Elite 25e neckbuds promise best-in-class battery at a fair price

Jabra’s new Elite 25e neckbuds promise best-in-class battery at a fair price

Around-the-neck wireless earphones are quite popular nowadays. Although people wearing them might be labeled as fashion criminals by some, these gadgets do have certain advantages – they don’t tangle, and they generally offer more time between charges than truly wireless earphones.

Today, Jabra unveiled an intriguing pair of neckbuds at the IFA ShowStoppers press event in Berlin. They are called the Elite 25e, and Jabra is selling them for $79,99/€79,99.

What do you get for that price? First and foremost, a battery life of 18 hours. That’s quite impressive, considering that most products at this price range usually last half as much. Still, we’ll have to test them out before we can confirm if the real-life values are comparable to the advertised ones. 

Moving on, the Elite 25e features IP54 water resistance and a wind-protected microphone. The headset’s neckband is slim and is able to bend through several flex zones. There’s a dedicated voice control button between the volume keys that grants access to Siri or Google Now, allowing users to switch between calls, read messages, and change songs without the need to take out their handset. Sadly, it looks like the earbuds aren’t capable of retracting into the neckband, but we’re guessing that some corners had to be cut in order to bring the price to this point. 

The Elite 25e is available for purchase straight away in the US, Canada, Europe, and APAC countries. If you’re interested in buying this headset, feel free to follow the below link to Jabra.

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